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Pramod Jagtap

Pramod is a DST INSPIRE fellow pursuing his Ph.D. in our group. His Ph.D. thesis topic is “Development of a diagnostic assay for bacterial infection stratification and management”. The assay development strategies involve i) Synthesis and surface engineering of gold nanoparticles with commercially available ligands/drugs that are specific to early diagnostic biomarkers of bacteria e.g. pathogen associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) and ii) Non-receptor based capture of biomarkers for their detection. He is also looking for new drug molecules that are active against Gram-positive bacteria and trying to establish their molecular mechanism of interaction with the bacterial cell surface receptors e.g. lipopolysaccharides (LPS) and lipoteichoic acid (LTA), by using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), surface plasmon spectroscopy (SPR) and membrane based assays. These results are compared to the molecular dynamic simulations being performed in collaboration with Dr. Hemant Kashyap’s group in the Chemistry Dept. at IIT Delhi.


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  2. Jagtap P.*, Singh R.*, Deepika K., Sritharan V., Gupta S., ‘A flow through assay for rapid, bedside stratification of endotoxemia in critically ill patients: A pilot study’, Journal of Clinical Microbiology, (2018) (*Equal contribution)
  3. Jagtap P., Sritharan V. and Gupta S., ‘Nanotheranostic Approaches for the Management of Bloodstream Bacterial Infections Nanomedicine: Nanotchnology, Biology, and Medicine, 13, 329 – 341 (2016)