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1Prof. Gaurav Goel, IITD
2Prof. Ravi Elangovan, IITD
3Prof. Ashok Kumar, IITK
4Prof. Rohit Srivastava, IITB

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I completed my bachelor’s degree from MNIT Jaipur in 2019. Thereafter, I received my master’s degree from the Department of Chemical Engineering at IISc, Bangalore in July 2021. For my M.Tech. thesis, I worked in Dr. Bhushan Toley’s lab where I studied the rehydration patterns in a paper stack to improve µPADs for multiplexed detection of analytes. Since August 2021, I am working as a project associate in Dr. Gupta’s lab where I am developing a lateral flow assay for rapid bacterial ribosomal RNA detection in a point-of-care format.