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1Prof. Gaurav Goel, IITD
2Prof. Ravi Elangovan, IITD
3Prof. Ashok Kumar, IITK
4Prof. Rohit Srivastava, IITB

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I received my B.Tech. in Biotechnology from USBT, Guru Gobind Singh IP University, Delhi in 2017. For my undergraduate thesis, I studied the interaction between transcription elongation proteins and mediator subunit in yeast using the yeast two-hybrid assay. During this time, I also interned at Sir Ganga Ram hospital to investigate the use of neutrophil biomarkers for diagnosing neonatal sepsis and septic shock. Working in this area intrigued my interests in biomedical sciences. So, I joined the M.Tech. program in Biological Sciences and Bioengineering Department at IIT Bombay in Jul 2017 and soon converted it into a joint dual degree program. Since then, I have been working in the Nanobios Lab under the supervision of Prof. Rohit Srivastava. Since Aug 2021, I have also become a joint Ph.D. student at IIT Delhi to explore collaborative research in the area of point-of-care diagnostics for infectious diseases. Presently, I am working on two projects: (i) development of a lateral flow assay for whole bacterial detection and (ii) use of impedance spectroscopy for antimicrobial susceptibility testing.